XDCAM Browser

XDCAM Browser 2.0

Accesses and managed media recorded by XDCAM
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Work with the media content recorded by the latest models of Sony XDCAM camcorders and decks by accessing the drives of the devices connected to a personal computer via the dedicated program. Copying, removing or transferring individual clips is possible.

XDCAM Browser combines some of the functionalities provided by the following separate software applications into a single cross platform (Windows and Mac OS) application: PDZ-1 XDCAM Proxy Browser, PDZ-VX10 Sony XDCAM Viewer, XDCAM Proxy Viewer, XDCAM Transfer for Final Cut Pro, and XDCAM EX ClipBrowser. The separate applications will eventually be phased out as more of their major features are ported over to XDCAM Browser. See the release notes for a list of new features added to this release.

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